Kostenlose Musik für Projekte, Videos etc.


Drüben auf My Life Scoop gibt es eine Sammlung an fantastischen Quellen für kostenlose Musik, die sich hervorragend als Hintergrunduntermalung für Heimvideos, Mixtapes oder sonstige Produktionen für die man Musik benötigen könnte, eignet.

“Back in the pre-digital days of video creation, directors without the cash to commission original soundtracks to their films had to rely on library music. The folks who put together these massive libraries owned all the rights to the music outright, so it was easy to license recordings for creators to use in their films, TV, and radio pieces. A TV director would flip through his network’s sound library records, pick the track, and then pay for the license. (In recent years, some outré 1960s and 1970s library music has become very collectible amongst a certain breed of vintage vinyl addicts.) Physical sound libraries, and their associated licensing fees, are still around, albeit in entirely digital form.”

Fantastic Sources for Free Soundtrack Music ->

photo by kozumel (CC)

(via BoingBoing)

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