Golden Lady (f. Steph The Sapphic Songstress)


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Sagt Guten Morgen zur “Golden Lady”, einem schönen Hip-Hop Track von Substantial feat. Steph The Sapphic Songstress von der Mello Music Group. Es ist Montag, der Körper will noch davon überzeugt werden wach zu werden und bekanntermaßen geht das mit einem guten Kaffee und Musik noch am Besten.

Back in 2011 Baltimore emcee Substantial was facing the possibility of cancer. He ended up having preventive surgery and while laid up, decided to start working on a tribute album to Jill Scott, one of his biggest influences. It was his was of staying busy while healing, and at the same time to give the people their roses while they can still smell them. The result is a free project Substantial calls “Jackin’ Jill” – a tribute project from Substantial built by “Jackin” music from various Jill Scott releases. This collection of reworks and remixes of her work blended by DJ Jav form a cohesive pseudo collaboration focused on life, love & music.

(Mello Music Group auf Bandcamp.)

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Musik (wenn handgemacht, dann am Klavier), Fotografie, Reisen. Der Rest ist hier nicht wichtig.

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