Sonntagsmusik: Payback – Freedom (Soul, Funk & Jazz)

Diese wunderbare Selektion von Soul-, Funk- und Jazz-Musik der 60er und 70er Jahre verdanken wir Payback. Das Ding mausert sich gerade zu meinem favorisierten Mixtape für diesen Sommer. Miles Davis macht den Einstieg, Nina Simone den Ausklang. Muss ich mehr sagen?

PAYBACK is to co-host the Freedom Big Top Club Event at the Hull Freedom Festival on Saturday 5th September 2015. The event is Hull’s annual Music and Performance Arts Festival. It is named in honour of the slave trade abolitionist, MP and son of Hull, William Wilberforce (24 August 1759 – 29 July 1833), English politician and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. He supported the campaign that led to the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, which abolished slavery in most of the British Empire. The USA however did not truly abolish slavery for decades later. Even then the road to true freedom remained elusive for most former slaves in the United States. The Struggle of African Americans for true freedom & equality continues to this day. Here we have a selection of music from The 60’s & 70’s that reflects and comments upon the many related social and political issues of the times.

Payback – Freedom (Soul, Funk & Jazz) auf Mixcloud