Schlagwort: Live for the Funk

Submerse – LFTF Mix


Truth ist ein Titel der aktuellen “Algorithm and Ghosts EP” von Submerse. Nicht, dass die EP an sich schon großartig wäre, für Live For The Funk hat Rob Orme jetzt einen Podcast aufgenommen. Ein schöner Mix, der mehr mitbringt als nur Promo für eigene EP.

Tokyo-based producer Rob Orme aka Submerse is extremely passionate about music. One only has to look at the fact that he has been involved in more than 15 releases since adopting his current moniker some four years ago. That passion is made even more clear with his latest release for Project Mooncircle, his Algorithms and Ghosts EP.

Submerse – LFTF Mix auf Soundcloud -> Download Tracklist:

submerse – This Combo Could End Us
Teebs – for phil
submerse – Monochrome
Kidsuke – MoOoOoOn
Mndsgn – Muli(tah)
Jay Prince – Trashy
Broke & Repeat Pattern – Never Look Back
Headshotboyz – Sweet Cabbages
Flying Lotus – Until The Colours Come
Sweatson Klank – Oblique
submerse – Algorithms and Ghosts
Atu – Still Here
Ta-ku – Diamond Mouth
Clams Casino – Bass (A$AP Rocky)
Balam Acab – Fairyland
Lapalux – School Lunch (Gucci Mane Mix)
Kidsuke – Ghostgirl (KRTS RMX)
Emufucka – Xanadu (submerse Remix)
Kwala x Kondra Kasma – Goldblumer
Long Arm – Double Bass In Love

(via KFMW)