Kabelsalat: Late Night Modular Patch

Sie produzieren Musik nur über Software? Das tut mir leid. Kabelsalat, in seiner schönsten Form.

“Modular track I recorded late last night. Everything clocked from one intellijel Dixie to a Doepfer A-160,161, MakeNoise Brains, Pressure Points X 2. Clock division gates sent out from the 4ms SCM, and RCD. Beats courtesy of the CycleBox II and TipTop BD808 kick. Make noise phonogene processing the cwejman S1 analogue percussion zaps. String layer and and lead created with a Cwejman VM-1 and VCO2RM with the help of a intellijel uScale quantizer/MMF-1/ washed through a bit of reverb from the Eventide Space, and Tiptop Z-DSP, Z-5000. finally the Op-1doing light sine tone sprinkles…”

“Mu5ca-diN3”- late night modular patch