Funky Jeff – Boards Of Canada Remix Tribute

Ist denn der Herbst schon da? Naja, der Sommer bemüht sich nicht mehr wirklich das Ding rumzureißen. Funky Jeff gibt also schon mal Boards of Canada Remixe als Mixtape frei. Ein 80 minütiges Tape für durch die Nacht.

Over 200 covers, remixes (unofficials) and edits of BOC here are some of my favorites. BOC takes me to a special place, I hope this mix will do the same for you through these new versions ! I did it on the spur of the moment at a friend’s place, with Pioneer mixer and CDJ-200, no loop, no effects, just cd’s.

Funky Jeff – Boards Of Canada Remix Tribute auf Soundcloud -> Download Tracklist:

1) Intro : Children and god
2) Turquoise hexagon sun (Scintillation! remix)
3) Aquarius (Version 1)
4) Kaini industries (Unknown)
5) Roygbiv (Cryonaut extended cover)
6) Dayvan cowboy (Rocky bear re-edit)
7) Music is math (Just a cake remix)
8) Olson remix..(Unknown)
9) Olson (Jester remix)
10) Olson (Midland edit)
11) 5.9.78 (Scintillation! remix)
12) Tears from the compound eye (Orland Beltran remix)
13) Olson (Teaka remix)
14) Olson (Wrm remix)
15) Flute frum thing (TPSL remix)
16) Left drive side (Expanded edit)
17) Constants are changing (Wisp remix)
18) Wildlife analysis x8
19) Happy cycling Jap Jap remix
20) Corsair (Numbers station remix)

(via Ronny