Eine gemischte Tüte Bonobos bitte. Dieser THUMP Mix bringt Downtempo, House und Garage-Tracks in einen Guss. Streckenweise schon ein musikalischer Einstieg in das Wochenende, teils eher eine musikalische Couch. Wann kommt ein Album Herr Bonobo?

When some faraway species reads stories to their youth about the history of mankind, the section on “Greatest Minds In Electronic Music History” will surely have a hefty chapter on Simon Green, better known to the world as Bonobo. For over a decade, Green has been capturing our membranes with his brilliantly architected brand of downtempo organic rhythms, swaying in the winds between beat-centric trip-hop, lush heavy basslines, and beautifully structured layers of live instrumentation.

MIXED BY Bonobo auf Soundcloud -> Download

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