Samstags-Kurzfilm: A Girl’s Life – In Kibera

Wie lebt es sich als Mädchen, dass eine vierte Klasse besucht, Freude an Büchern hat und im Alter von 10 Jahren schon große Träume, z.B. den die Welt zu bereisen, hat? Ein schöner Einblick in das Leben in Kibera.

A Girl’s Life is one of five stories from the In Kibera project, sharing stories of life and hope from East Africa’s largest slum. See all the stories at

Eunice Akoth is a fourth grade student at the Kibera School for Girls. She has a passion for poetry, an aptitude for math, and a love of the book Matilda by Roald Dahl. She has lived all her life in Kibera, and though she is only ten years old, she dreams of traveling the world, from New York to Melbourne, before returning to Kenya and becoming a doctor. Though she has been lucky enough to receive a free education, and is celebrated as an exceptionally bright student by her teachers, she also represents the far-too-common case of a girl who must overcome extreme obstacles in order to find a path out of poverty.

A Girl’s Life – In Kibera from Josh Hayward on Vimeo.

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