Der erste Dope Trax Straight From Wax Mix im neuen Jahr. Die Perle der Video-Mixtapes von und Dougegen. Ein Mix, zehn Tracks, strictly Vinyl. Gebannt in ein Video.

Omega one feat. LoDeck & Jak Progresso – Still Cambodia
Omega one feat. LoDeck – CoupP d’Etat
Moonshine – The origin of species
The Quiet Mob – Remember them Niggas… from the hill?
Roughcut feat. Dawn Penn – No no
Roughcut vs. Sizzla – Solid as a rock
Tribe of Issachar – Wardance (Serial Killaz VIP Mix)
RCola feat. Jimmy Riley – A1 Sound (Division One Remix)
Zero T & Beta 2 – Round tabel
Basic Operations – Southern lights

Dope Trax Straight From Wax – Issue 7 (Download)

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