Das siebte Studioalbum von Nils Frahm wird den Titel All Melody tragen und im Januar 2018 erscheinen. Die Aufnahmen wurden im Saal 3 der Funkhaus Studios Berlin gemacht, den Frahm sich für die eigenen Zwecke vorbereiten durfte. Fast die komplette Infrastruktur des Saals wurde im Vorfeld dekonstruiert und wieder zusammengesetzt. Klingt alles durchdacht und wir dürfen uns auf ein tolles neues Album freuen.

Words from Nils, October 2017:

“In the process of completion, any album not only reveals what it has become but, maybe more importantly, what it hasn’t become. All Melody was imagined to be so many things over time and it has been a whole lot, but never exactly what I planned it to be. I wanted to hear beautiful drums, drums I’ve never seen or heard before, accompanied by human voices, girls, and boys. They would sing a song from this very world and it would sound like it was from a different space. I heard a synthesiser which sounds like a harmonium playing the All Melody, melting together with a line of a harmonium sounding like a synthesiser. My pipe organ would turn into a drum machine, while my drum machine would sound like an orchestra of breathy flutes. I would turn my piano into my very voice, and any voice into a ringing string. The music I hear inside me will never end up on a record, as it seems I can only play it for myself. This record includes what I think sticks out and describes my recent musical discoveries in the best possible way I could imagine.”

01. The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched
02. Sunson
03. A Place
04. My Friend The Forest
05. Human Range
06. Forever Changeless
07. All Melody
08. #2
09. Momentum
10. Fundamental Values
11. Kaleidoscope
12. Harm Hymn

Nils Frahm – All Melody (Album Trailer)


(via Erased Tapes)

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