Für seinen Headphone Commute Mix hat sich der Pianist und Produzent James Heather in die Untiefen seiner Ambient Sammlung vergraben und uns einen fast einstündigen, sehr gelungenen Mix produziert. Unterbrochen wird die Musik durch Zitate von Mildred Lisette Norman und ihren Ansichten zum Thema “Peace”. Entschleunigung pur. Stories From Far Away ist das aktuelle Album von James Heather und ebenfalls sehr hörenswert.

For this Headphone Commute mix I decided to focus mostly on the ambient for the first time. It’s filled with mainly new discoveries and a few old tracks that have never quite left my ears. The theme is peace. I have recently been fascinated by books and documentaries about a woman named Mildred Lisette Norman, from her 40’s she became a spiritual teacher, mystic, pacifist and activist. She renamed herself ‘Peace Pilgrim’ and proceeded to walk non-stop for the next 28 years, somewhat idealistically but admirably she vowed to “remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace.” Her words can be heard at various points in the mix.

Eine komplette Playlist und einen Download gibt es drüben bei Headphone Commute.

James Heather – Headphone Commute Mix


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