XLR8R Influences Podcast: Lee Gamble

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Lee Gamble hat für den XLR8R Influences Podcast die Musik zusammengestellt, die seinen musikalischen Werdegang maßgeblich beeinflusst hat. Eine musikalische Retrospektive durch die Geschichte des Hip-Hop.

Growing up in the outskirts of Birmingham, England, Lee Gamble immersed himself in the rave, old-school electro, hip-hop, and jungle sounds of the time, and he soon became “obsessed” with the latter, leading him to travel across the UK to see the likes of Neil Trix and Doc Scott. It was the former of these two, combined with his art school education and natural curiosity, that inspired Gamble’s earliest musical experiments around the turn of the millennium—but the formulaic aspects of club-based music left him unsatisfied.

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XLR8R Influences Podcast 04: Lee Gamble


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