Sonntagsmusik: Diggers Directory: Sofay

Die heutige Sonntagsmusik gehört in die gemütliche Schublade und kommt von Sophie Reilly aka Sofay. Der Mix wurde für die Diggers Directory-Reihe von Stamp The Wax produziert. 84 Minuten Ambient und Electronica aus der Vinyl-Sammlung von Sofay.

Glasgow’s reputation as a city brimming with musical activity is undeniable. From the post-punk scene of the late 70s to the historic Sub Club and, more recently, parties like Numbers and Huntleys + Palmers, the city wields a sense of hedonism and a DIY attitude that makes it an incredibly special place to hang one’s hat.

One of the DJs making up its new wave is Sophie Reilly a.k.a Sofay, A&R for Numbers and resident for La Cheetah. Her passion is literary, and it’s these influences that she translates into her musical approach; she has an innate ability for storytelling, for conveying certain moods and emotions through her selections. We chat to her about her relationship with records alongside a vinyl-only mix themed around feelings of nostalgia

Mehr Informationen zu Sophie Reilly gibt es im Interview auf StampTheWax.